FaceTime: The Ultimate Method of Communication

FaceTime: The Ultimate Method of Communication

In 1936 Dr. Georg Schubert invented the first public video telephone service linking Berlin to Nuremberg, Munich, and Hamburg. Today the concept of video telephone has transformed into a new branch of the Telecom Industry. In 1936 you had to visit special post office video telephone booths to make a video call. Now this once great luxury has become accessible to the public. What better example than FaceTime? A revolutionary new application and function embedded in Mac OS X and the all new iPod touch, iPad 2 and iPhone 4.

With FaceTime you can now keep in touch with your family and friends not only through voice calls but also you can see and share smiles through video calls. This amazing function along with its crystal clear, real-time broadcast makes the distance fade away by giving you the chance to see your loved ones faces and even share moments of compassion. FaceTime, with its cutting edge technology, gives you the chance to see people who are thousands of miles away from your current position just by one simple hit of a button. Also, if you are already engaged into a voice call you don't have to end it to start a video call. FaceTime has a unique feature that allows you to switch from voice to video call by simply tapping the FaceTime button. The other person will receive an invitation and if he or she accepts then you both are on your way to experience the beauty of face to face conversations. FaceTime also lets you choose from which camera your terminal broadcasts. With this feature you could share your experiences with other people like birthday parties, concerts, museum tours and much,much more.

How many times in life have you wanted to share a moment with someone who didn't happen to be right next to you? With FaceTime these moments are history. Parents that are on business trips, friends that study abroad, grandparents that cannot travel for long distances, all these people are important to you and till now you had to accept that the job, age or education were more important than the moments you wanted to share. FaceTime is here to rid of all these moments by bringing your loved ones to you. Grandparents can now be there for you when you receive your high school diploma, friends can now sing at your birthday party, parents can now support you at your first role play even if they aren't in the country.

FaceTime is the final step in completely integrating voice with image. With FaceTime you will consider voice calls a thing of the past, something that doesn't satisfy your needs any more. Hearing a familiar voice is a wonderful thing but seeing and hearing that person in real-time, it's priceless. FaceTime is here, and there's no doubt that it's here to stay. But my question is: What's there not to like?


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Pai "Faceteando" com a Mãe e o Filho :o)

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The Crenshaw talks to KLo on FaceTime (Tom:20111108)

The Crenshaw talks to KLo on FaceTime (Tom:20111108)
Image by thomascrenshaw

How To Make A FaceTime Video Call On The iPhone 4

How To Make A FaceTime Video Call On The iPhone 4

Now that you've got your iPhone 4 set up to make FaceTime video calls, there are three different ways to make one:

(1) From the Home screen, tap on Phone, and then tap on Contacts to find the person you want to have a FaceTime video call with. When you get to their Info screen, tap the FaceTime button. If you have more than one phone number for this person (like home, mobile, etc.), it will bring up a list of their numbers. Just tap the one you want (remember to call their iPhone 4), and it makes the FaceTime call.

(2) You can make a regular phone call using the Phone app, and once the person answers you can tap the FaceTime button to switch to a video call.

(3) If you recently had a FaceTime video call with someone, if you tap Phone from the Home screen, then tap the Recents button, you'll see their name (or number) on this screen with "FaceTime" below it, along with a video camera icon. If you tap on their name to call them, it redials as a FaceTime call.

Whichever method you choose, the person you're calling will have to accept your FaceTime call invitation. Once they tap Accept, your video call begins.

During Your FaceTime Call

When you make a FaceTime call, the camera on the front of the phone turns on first to show you a preview of how you'll look to the person on the other end. Once they accept your call, your image shrinks down to a small thumbnail up in the top-right corner of your screen (like a TV picture-in-picture view), and their video image will fill your screen. You talk just like you're using the speakerphone feature. If you need to pause the video part of your call (but keep the speakerphone live), press the Home button (this is handy if you need to look up something in another app). To return to video, tap the green bar at the top of the screen. To mute your mic, press the Mute icon in the bottom left of the screen Normally, the person you're having a FaceTime call with will see you during the call, but if you want, you can switch to the camera on the back of your iPhone, so they see whatever you point your camera at, by tapping the Switch Camera icon in the bottom-right corner (the camera with the circular arrow around it). The tiny thumbnail in the top-right corner now shows the camera's view on the back of your iPhone, so you can see what they're seeing. To switch back, press the same Switch Camera icon. To end the call, tap the End button.

Tip: You Can Move the Tiny Thumbnail Preview Window

Once you start a FaceTime video call, what your camera is showing shrinks down to a small thumbnail preview in the upper-right corner. If it's blocking something you want to see, move it by pressing-and-holding on it, then dragging it to a different corner.

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